architectural project THE BLACK TAJ | agra _india

Design of a BLACK TAJ as a cenotaph for Shajahan at the opposite side of the river and nearby the white and historic Taj Mahal.

Our proposal avoids any visual conflict with the White Taj Mahal. It’s absolutely outstanding position as a worldwide known cultural heritage cannot be touched. Therefore we have designed a negative architecture: smooth ramps guide the visitors down to a space of dusk and dawn with an intense atmosphere of being confounded with the grave questions of life and death.

There is no traditional design approach in our proposal. It’s a present design and uses all the capabilities of contemporary construction and fabrication technologies. However: It is contextualized by referring to the famous negative architectures of indian fountain buildings like Chand Baori and others. And the 3D-knot of the elliptically ramps is referred to the famous Mughal tradition of (circular) ornaments.

We solved the problem of a possibly vain conflict in relation to the White Taj Mahal by keeping the above-ground view totally free of interventions. And while the White Taj Mahal is an architectural complex which lays in the horizontal, our Black Taj is directed in the vertical as a kind of time axis: the visitors see no horizon anymore, they see only the sky above and the Mughals tomb on the ground of a deep hole.

designed by _matthias karch