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The Task

'Christiansholm is an artificial, dammed up island, located in the heart of Copenhagen Harbour. From 1958 it housed Swedish paper rolls for use in Danish newspaper printing (hence the name “Paper Island”). Today the industrial workshops are home to the city’s harbour cruises and a number of creative enterprises. In the not too distant future a coffee shop, restaurant and exhibition centre will be opening. But everything is on a temporary basis, because starting in 2018 the island is to be developed for new urban purposes. As part of an effort to open up the area for the people of Copenhagen and to put the potential of the island to the test, CPH City and Port Development, in association with the island’s tenants, wish to turn the southwest-facing corner of the quay into a public space, with the objective of providing everyone with a magnificent view.

Your idea for converting the corner of the quay should help enhance the island’s visibility, welcome visitors and serve as a meeting point on the island. By doing so, your proposal might serve as inspiration for others, who work with communities, meeting places and temporariness in the city. ??The competition area is the southwest facing corner of the quay on Papirøen, covering an area of approx. 100 square metres. This corner is located in an intensive area of Copenhagen Harbour with a view of the development projects on Krøyers Plads/Nordatlantisk Brygge and Kvæsthusmolen. The corner of the quay is free of car traffic, has a fabulous view of the harbour fairway, is located right next to the harbour’s busiest waters (the Christianshavn Canal and Nyhavn) and will be the most visible corner of Papirøen from the new pedestrian and cycle bridges, which are being built across the harbour entrance.'

STACKING _An equilibristic ballet of seven 40-feet containers

These 40 feet long sea containers are standing around almost everywhere in an industrial harbor. And stacking them up to a container tower, is exactly what the huge harbor cranes normally do and what they are originally made for. They are optimized for being stacked.

We take this often seen image and this ubiquitously presence of those stacked containers but transform their practical meaning in a more or less surrealistic way: We stack and rotate them up to an seemingly unstable and equilibristic 'ballet of containers'.

It's this kind of cheerful and poetic dance movement of stacked sea containers, which gives this outstanding harbor location a new identity. A filigree metallic staircase leads the visitors up to the +15.60 meter level, where two of these containers are defining a spectacular wooden platform and an excellent urban meeting place for the citizens and visitors of Copenhagen. A dialog with the fly tower of the nearby Royal Danish Playhouse integrates our proposal in the cultural and iconographic neighborhood.

designed by _matthias karch

stacking stacking stacking stacking stacking stacking