architectural project BATH HOUSE | corean border

37°55‘08‘‘North, 126°41‘16‘‘East

The challenge to find an architectural answer to the complex forces surrounding the site should not be hidden in the underground. That strategy would strengthen the inherent threat and violence of this border.

We propose a high rise landmark as an orientation knot and artificial hub, located at: 37°55‘08‘‘North, 126°41‘16‘‘East, a few meters beyond the demarcation line towards North Corea.

Several crossings of linear and curvilinear architectural elements in airy heights encourage the visitors to chance their ‘Point of View’. They allow them to look, walk and swimm in any direction: back in the past and presence of a traumatized and divided country but even forward to a reunited future. Swimming in the x-shaped pool, 60 meters over ground, gives every man, every woman and every child an unexpected and rare chance to imagine the UTOPIA, the friendly partnership between North- and South Corea, including a later reunion.

designed by _matthias karch