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competition brief of the organizers

Flint Public Art Project

Formerly occupied by a series of office buildings and storefronts along Saginaw Street, the full-block surface parking lot known as the Flat Lot has become a staging ground for parades, flower-plantings, car shows, road races, and almost every sort of public event that draws large crowds. The Flat Lot Competition seeks proposals to design and build an innovative temporary structure that provides shelter, shade, and seating for a wide range of public events, defines space within the lot, and demonstrates the capacity of contemporary architectural form-making to transform space and captivate the public imagination–all while occupying no more than eight parking spaces during normal business hours. The Flat Lot will be a new center and symbol for the city, an attraction for regional visitors, and a site that.'

project description | SUPERIMPOSITION

Instead of occupying the ±0.00 level and losing parking space for the current time of the summer event, we propose an uplifted 111 x 79 feet wide wooden platform at a level of +12 feet. This new public cultural space superimposes the existing parking lot. It‘s constructive substructure allows unshortened parking use all day long.

01_Alternative culture: At the same time it gives Flint a rough but completely covered ±0.00 ground floor for alternative cultural use at night-time like video performances, techno raves, underground party events, poetry slams, flees markets…

02_High culture: At level +12‘ the citizenship of Flint gets a spectacular urban balcony (Belle Etage). His atmosphere is light, wide and of a filigree poetry: A semipermeable modular structure filters the sunlight and generates a cool and shady place. As the weather changes, the atmosphere at this platform is even oscillating. At nighttime, the suspending roof functions as a horizontal screen for performative light shows. A stage, mobile seats and drinking/eating facilities complete the setting.

designed by _matthias karch

Flint Public Art Project Flint Public Art Project Flint Public Art Project Flint Public Art Project Flint Public Art Project Flint Public Art Project Flint Public Art Project