exhibit inFORM | raumLABOR braunschweig

exhibition of the institute of media and design of the TU braunschweig

the institute of media and design at the technical university of braunschweig presents experimental works from emerging architects in the raumLABOR of the HBK braunschweig unitversity of arts. the projects, presented in a development series, offer insight into the institute’sconcepts and methods. the works each refer to visual and spatial “findings” where systems and processes unfold.

the located materials range from graphic code structures and geographically referenced photographs in the Internet to everyday object arrangements to the sphere of urban mobility. the drawings and objects emerge from the collected information to form new worlds, which follow a specific set of rules. they have a double meaning as “in-formation”: they contain information and inform them. the exhibition presents pictures and models, in which information structures are transformed into architectural spaces. this approach is aimed at the defining a dynamic architecture, complex systems, manifested in forms to be perceived by the our senses.

exhibition curators: prof. matthias karch, christophe barlieb, manfred fischer, carolin hoefler, katharina puhle and philipp reinfeld

private viewing: friday, feb. 17, 2012, 7:00 pm
exhibition dates: feb. 18 – feb. 21, 2012
exhibition location: raumLABOR of the university of arts, hamburger str. 267, 38114 braunschweig

the exhibition catalogue can be purchased in the office of the IMD.