parametric design project REPEAT | TEX-FAB _houston _USA

published in TEX-FAB

competition brief: '…architecture is defined by connections: the method and the material by which an assembly is developed to create enclosure. this process results in an active performative connection, one that is specific and definitive producing an architecture that can be built through iterative means. REPEAT asks that you look first at the connection and then – through repetition – define the whole. in brief, by evaluating the design process from this perspective, what emerges?

REPEAT as an international competition is established to foster the creative spirit in the burgeoning field of digital fabrication. we encourage the generation of cutting edge design proposals for a structure of your design with the only caveats being it be generated and conceived digitally, incorporate repetitive elements, be optimized for relocation and transportation and be produced through fabrication technologies available within houston, texas.'

the growth of form

generation of a smoth, bended but anyhow stacked vortex structure by a genotype module and its 96 phenotypes. an adaptive parametric design, realized by 3D-CNC router- and 2D-lasercutting-technologies. the interdependent mesh of 96 modules can react to changing environment situations.

designed by _matthias karch

the growth of form the growth of form the growth of form the growth of form